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February, 2024

“The Sustainable Preservation of Enterprise Data,” which I co-authored with John Monroe of Further Market Research, examines the implications and opportunities created by the dramatic expansion of the amount of digital information stored on SSD, HDD, tape storage and potentially new archive technologies. Link: The Sustainable Preservation of Enterprise Data

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November, 2020

Reducing carbon emissions is a significant global challenge. Many companies have decided they must incorporate carbon reductions into their strategies and have announced green initiatives. One opportunity for reducing energy consumption and resulting carbon emissions is moving inactive data from disk storage to tape storage. Industry analysts estimate that 60% of the data stored on disk storage is infrequently accessed. We estimate that by moving 10 PB of "cold data" that is growing 35% annually from disk to tape storage, an 87% reduction in carbon emission and an 86% reduction in TCO can be achieved over ten years. IT organizations have a significant opportunity to achieve meaningful carbon emissions reductions while lowering operational and capital expenses.

Link: Reducing Carbon Emission Whitepaper

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