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An updated version of the Fujifilm TCO tool is now available!

The new LTO 9 tape drives and media have been added to the TCO tool, and the ten-year TCO is based on LTO 9 with a future migration to LTO 11 in year 6. Industry disk pricing and power costs have been updated to account for today’s higher-capacity HDDs. Power and bandwidth costs have also been updated to reflect current market prices. Two new optional inputs have been added to the tool; PUE, the (Power Utilization Effectiveness) factor that applies to both tape and disk – the range is from 1.2 to 2.0 with two being the default. A flexible PUE factor reflects the increasing emphasis on improving IT sustainability. Traditionally data centers have had a PUE of two, they used as much or more power on cooling and distribution as by the IT equipment. The new variable will support the IT industries efforts to improve power efficiency and lower overall energy costs. The other new variable is the percentage of the time the tape equipment is active. This new variable supports an activity range from 0 to 100% and effects the tape storage energy consumption. An active archive would drive the activity level up while a deep archive would have a lower activity level. The new tool can be found at Fujifilm TCO Tool.

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