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TCO Tool V2 has arrived!

In conjunction with the availability of LTO 8 tape media, the Fujifilm TCO tool has been significantly enhanced. There are a number of important changes with this version; the tape technology used for the estimated tape TCO has been changed from LTO 7 to LTO 8, the amount of data supported in the initial year increased to 100 PB, the disk TCO calculations have been updated to reflect the use of new higher capacity 12 and 14 TB HDD's, CAPEX and OPEX are calculated for 5 and 10 years, Cloud Storage TCO has been updated to incorporate the new low-cost deep archive offerings and Systems Management personnel costs have been added. Systems Management is one of those costs that most models shy away from for a good reason; they are hard to estimate! To help develop the estimate large (mostly higher than 10 PB) tape storage customers were surveyed for disk and tape storage systems management effort measured in Full-Time-Equivalents (FTE’s). Secondary market research was used for the cloud storage systems management estimate in conjunction with the survey results. These values are used the default values in the TCO tool. Of course, individual environments may vary dramatically. There may be different applications, different user groups and different storage tools. To accommodate this, systems management effort per PB can be changed on the "Options" page. For a quick TCO estimate, using the default values, only three variables are required on the first tab; the amount of storage needed in the first year, the annual growth rate and the percentage of data retrieved each year. The additional variables are accessed on the Options tab. Try out the new tool at TCO Tool V2.

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